2016 Summer Puppet Camps

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Magical Adventure Puppet Camp!  June 6-10
Ages: 3-7,   $175 tuition
Location: Emory Presbyterian Church, 1886 N. Decatur Rd., Atlanta
Follow Mr. Damon on a magical adventure filled with faeries, gnomes and wizards. Play theatre games, make puppets and sing and dance to Mr. Damon’s original kid’s music. Celebrate the magic with family and friends at an end of camp puppet show on Friday!
Register at Cartwheels

Puppet Camp – Adventures in Samurai Japan!  June 20-June 24
Ages 7-12,    $150 tuition
Location: East Lake, Atlanta
Campers will create unique puppet characters, play theater games and collaborate to produce a magical puppetry performance on Friday.  This year we will explore stories of Enchanted Swords, Pearl Diving Mermaids, the Samurai code of Bushido, and the traditional Japanese puppetry of Bunraku.   (9:00 – 1:00)
Registration questions:  nomad3@bellsouth.net