Free Rainy Day Activity: Umbrella Song and Shadow Puppets

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With the help and inspiration of my family, I created a rainy day activity for your family to enjoy.

Here are some free downloads for you:

Rainy Day Activity Sheet: Coloring & Shadow Puppets

Umbrella: Mr. Damon & Family Song
“download” button (is the arrow pointing down)

1) Print the page.   If possible print on card stock, or glue it to a piece of thicker paper
2) Color the pictures with crayons or markers
3) Cut out the pictures
3) Attach the cut-outs to a chopstick, drinking straw, or popsicle stick using some tape.
4) Play the Umbrella Song as you improvise with the puppets on a tabletop, or on a shadow screen.   What will happen in this story?  Can the umbrella turn upside-down and be a boat for the characters?

Shadow Screen: You can create a shadow screen by cutting out a window in a cardboard box and taping in white paper, or a piece of thin cloth like a bedsheet.   Put a bright light on one side and cast shadows on the screen!  Shadow Puppets work best in a nice dark room.

Enjoy your rainy day activity with your family!

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