Folk & Fairy Tale, Mythology

* Sky Woman (Iroquis, North America)
* Rainbow Bird & Crocodile Man (origin story from the First People of Australia)
* The Villagers and the Wise Grandmother (Yoruoba Story)
* Vasilisa the Brave, Prince Ivan and the Firebird (Russia)
* Momotarō the Peach Boy
 and Bunraku Puppetry of Japan

Helios, the Chariot of the Gods (Greek Mythology)
* Labors of Hercules (Greek Mythology)
* Odysseus & the Cyclops (Greek Mythology)

Thor’s Lost Hammer (Norse Mythology)
* Heroes and Heroines of American Folklore (Modern North American Tall Tales)
* King Arthur’s Knights & Ladies of the Lake (Medieval France & England)

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