Summer 2017 Library Tour of Fairy Tales of Old Russia

Journey with PRINCE IVAN on the back of a grey wolf in search of the dazzling FIREBIRD.    Quest with VASILISA THE BRAVE in search of the chicken legged hut of the BABA YAGA.   Enjoy a special Russian architecture from the Tzar’s palace to the Baba Yaga’s hut on its scaly chicken legs.

Mr.Damon invites young artists from the audience to become a part of the stories and features original live music.

Vasilisa the Brave will need some help from her feathered friends on her journey.  Bring your Russian Bullfinch shadow puppet bird to a library performance and join the show!

Click here for Printable Make-A-Puppet Craft!

Tues,    Jun 6, 2017      2:30 PM      Hampton Park Library
Wed,    Jun 7, 2017      3:00 PM       Toco Hills Library
Tues,    Jun 20, 2017    10:30 AM    East Atlanta Library
Thurs,  Jun 22, 2017    4:00 PM      Northside Branch Library
Thurs,  Jun 29, 2017    7:00 PM      Carson Library in N. Augusta, SC
Tues,    Jul 11, 2017     11:00 AM    LaFayette-Walker County Library
Tues,    Jul 18, 2017     10:30 AM    Ponce De Leon Branch Library
Wed,    Jul 19, 2017     10:30 AM    Oconee Veterans Park (Oconee County Library)
Sat,       Jul 22, 2017     1:00 PM      Clarkston Library
Mon,    Jul 24, 2017     2:00 PM      Banks County Library, Homer
Tues,    Jul 25, 2017     2:00 PM      Northlake Library (DeKalb)
Tues,    Jul 25, 2017     6:00 PM      Chamblee Branch (Dekalb)