Nature, History & Science Discovery Puppet Workshops
* Hibernation, Migration, and Celebration!  A Winter Solstice Journey
* Liberty! The Events & People of the American Revolution
* Light & Shadow Science Discovery: from Issac Newton to Lene Hau
* Powerful Pollinators : Butterflies, Bats, and Honey Bees
* Butterflies!  The Monarch’s Wonderful Journey
* The Wonderful Water Cycle
* Ladybugs!  Metamorphosis from Larva to Beetle
* Birds of Prey (Owls, Hawks, Eagles)
* Big and Hairy!  Ice Age Mammals of North America
* Earth Day – Appreciating and Caring for our Home Planet

Stories, Myth & Literature Discovery Puppet Workshops
* American Tall Tales
* King Arthur’s Knights and the Ladies of the Lake
* Fairy Tales from Russia
* Momotarō the Peach Boy

Greek Mythology

Norse Mythology
* Native American Creation Stories
* Found Object Puppetry Story Creation Workshop
* The Dreaming: Aboriginal Art and Story

Custom Themes Available to Match Your Event or Curriculum