The Firebird
+ Vasilisa the Brave

Quest with Ivan on the back of a flying wolf in search of the legendary Firebird!  Mr. Damon brings these hilarious and heartfelt fairy tale adventures!

Brementown Musicians

Laugh and sing along with the animals with this classic adventure of cooperation and creativity.  This performance includes clowning, shadow puppetry, audience participation, and hilarious fun!

Traveling the Silk Road 
with Puppetry of Asia

Adventure along the silk road with Mr. Damon and Fidget the Squirrel as we explore fascinating Asian puppetry traditions!  This captivating performance includes mythical storytelling, authentic musical instruments and cultural traditions, comedy, and audience participation.  This is a favorite among teachers and students for its entertaining demonstration of history, music, stories, and puppetry traditions of Asian cultures!


The Light of Leonardo

Discover your inner Da Vinci!  This innovative performance celebrates Leonardo Da Vinci, the artist and engineer who was inspired by the natural world.  Join Niccolo the knight and his dragon as they explore the mechanics of SIMPLE MACHINES and the properties of LIGHT.  Audiences will be excited about investigating science and learning, and inspired to joyously pursue their creative potential. 


Also available are fun and engaging Virtual Options!

The Mr. Damon Show!

Each themed episode features humor, music, storytelling and puppet shows!
Featured Episodes:
Honey Bees, Fairies, and Animals in Winter.