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"Loved your performance on Saturday. The artistry and creativity were astounding. The story, the art, the humor, the music—it was all excellent and made for a spellbinding performance. And I think your audience agreed!  The puppet craft was great too and how you integrated that into the performance." 
- Mr. Ken, Peachtree Branch Library

"Mr. Damon had us all cackling - the staff, the parents, and especially the kids! He has an amazing talent for turning obscure tales into something new and memorable. Mr. Damon has been a favorite with our library system for several years now, and we can't wait to invite him back again. We highly recommend his shows, you won't be disappointed!"
- Rebecca, Hogansville Library

“Mr. Damon does an exemplary job of performing. His use of audience participation is very engaging for our mixed age audience, and he is well loved by both parents and children.”
– Gretchen Schweers, Toco Hill Library

"Our students were absolutely rapt at every performance and were tremendously excited to see his work. He is a consummate performer and teacher, and engages every age level with such enthusiasm and joy; it's infectious. We have asked him back year after year, and he is a highlight of our program. He's educational and entertaining; you can't ask for a better combination!"
- Dierdre Paschall, Roswell North Elementary School

"Mr. Damon kept my daughter engaged for the entire program.  It was inspiring to see father and son performing together.  Lovely creativity and educational variety of techniques.   Great storytelling mixed with child appealing humor."
- Patron at Sandy Springs Library